Lovable Spud

Hockey goalie, lyra and pole enthusiast, bikram yoga addict, tv obsessed, socially retarded and weird. You wouldn't believe how much I eat.

Kerry + Shannon = <3
Dead muppets?  Labyrinth characters?  Logs with eyes?
Pizza night is the best night #aretheydoneyet 😍🍕🍻
Beautiful day 😎🌳

“Tyler Seguin is a fuckboy and that’s wildly unattractive.”

what my dignity would say if I had any (via saintbobrovsky)

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I don’t have a case on my phone because if God wants me to have a cracked phone screen well everything happens for a reason

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Laying tape so this is my view all day 🌾🚜
We clearly have a very special relationship


Like, jeans-fancy? Or clean-sweatpants-fancy?

It’s the 12th? Of what month?

At what point should I start using shampoo instead of body wash on my armpits?

How many meals do you think I could get out if this 1/2 price box of cereal?

Can I use your couch/laundry machine?

Sex in private? Wow what’s that like?

Where’s the bathroom? (I need to go BEFORE I get back to my hostel)

Wait, Kimye got married? Good for them!

Do I *really* need a hostel tonight or can I sleep on the bus?

Where can I get the cheapest drinks on a Monday afternoon?

Do you have any temporary, part-time positions available?

That’s a great price on ramen… How many boxes can I fit in my bag?

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